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A Lobby of Dirt and Stones – A South Lamar Update

Take a short break from all the grand opening excitement and check out what’s happening at South Lamar.

A Lobby of Dirt and Stones – A South Lamar Update

The image you see above (full rez here) represents the latest in the progress of the new South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse Lobby and Highball. It doesn’t look like much, but the devil is in the details: All of the building materials that occupied the space where the Alamo related structure will be built have been moved to a different location in the construction site. And when I showed up, truck after truck was hauling in gravel to fill the open space around the retaining wall they started building a month or so ago (here’s what it looked like before). This is where the Alamo structure and building three will be connected. 

It is safe to say that work has started in the Alamo section of things. Aside from all this gravel being poured, there was work going on right behind me from where I took the photo above, in the area where the new theaters are going to be built. Granted, all they were doing was digging a wide, shallow ditch, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Ultimately we should take all this as a sign that real construction on the Alamo related components of the new South Lamar are imminent. 

Progress around the rest of the complex seems to be moving along. As before, Building three is still the most developed. As evidenced in the image above, there is a lot of activity on the foundational structures for building one and building two (in the background of the image below) is moving ahead. Also, you can see just right of center in the image above, they have started the mast for a third tower crane. Every visit to this site I’m reminded of what a big project this whole complex really is. It is hard to get a good scale in the photos here, but ultimately the opening of the South Lamar Drafthouse is going to be impacted by the progress of the rest of the complex, so it is great to see things moving along.


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