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LIVE!: Mink Stole, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson and Drag Insanity at The Ritz!

ALL ABOUT EVIL with Special Guests LIVE! Saturday, May 15, 7 & 11 PM at The Ritz! !!! PLUS !!! PINK FLAMINGOS with Mink Stole LIVE! Sunday, May 16, 6:45 PM at The Ritz!

About ALL ABOUT EVIL (as written by the reigning queen of Austin TX, Rebecca Havemeyer!):

San Francisco has offered this world some pretty messed up hoo-haa, chickens. There’s that exotic island paradise named Alcatraz, there’s that street that’s got more curves built into it than Mae West’s backside, and there’s that exciting time it offered during the 70’s where trippin’ drugs flowed like a heavy month from an angry young woman!

Ahh, San Fran.... keeper of the cray cray, indeed! Well this ol’ goat of a lady has gone and brought some’uh that wildcat bay area shit here ta’ Austin, TX for a weekend of enough heavy flowin’ gore and camp to keep ya’ pie-holes burnin’ for days!!

For all of you out there who get a tingle when ya’ see the globular bust of Elvira in MISTRESS OF THE DARK, the pearly white ass of Mink Stole in DESPERATE LIVING, or the gloved claws of Peaches Christ at a Midnight Mass in the Castro, the Alamo Ritz has got a treat for you that’s aimed ta’ cut ya quick.

ALL ABOUT EVIL is makin' its hot mess of a premiere here in Austin, fresh from the gore and praise of the San Francisco International Film Festival! It’s made by Joshua Grannell, aka Peaches Christ ( mad piece of mixed-up ladyman with a brain full of enough film facts and camp history to make John Waters do tha’ tango! Grannell has been runnin’ his night of film and fame called Midnight Mass in San Fran for 11 seasons, and he’s gone and put his mad energy into this hefty film debut that he’s written and directed with a cast ta’ kill!

Here’s a lil’ taste of what’s in store for ya’, kids:

"ALL ABOUT EVIL pays tribute to ’80s teen flicks and slasher films with tongue firmly in cheek and murderous instincts given free rein. Deborah Tennis (Natasha Lyonne) is a meek librarian under the domineering supervision of Evelyn (Mink Stole). She’s also recently inherited the Victoria Theatre from her father, and is trying to keep its doors open despite dwindling ticket sales. When a violent encounter with her wicked mother accidentally screens before an audience awaiting the horror classic Blood Feast, Deborah’s career as a filmmaker is born. She premieres a new work each week, upping the Grand Guignol quotient each time. Various employees assist, including a creepy set of taciturn twins and a gung-ho elderly projectionist. As cinematic success begins to go to Deborah’s head—“I’m not a concessionaire,” she shrieks at one unfortunate patron, “I’m an actress!”—some in her audience begin to doubt she’s just using stage blood to make her sanguinary shorts."

Tha’ films stars Natasha Lyonne, who we ALL know can be a treat, Mink Stole (need I say more), Cassandra Peterson (the one and only Elvira), Thomas Dekker (who just graced us with his presence in the new NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), and Peaches Christ herself...with hair bigger than several Dallas women at a mega church convention!

We’ve gone and busted our booya to get this group a’ hooligans to grace tha’ stage of tha’ Ritz for a night of sheer terror n’ elegance! Yes indeed, we'll be puttin’ the one and only MINK STOLE, CASSANDRA PETERSON, and PEACHES CHRIST on a platform for all of ya’ ta drool over for a pre-show bonanza that’ll quench ya’ thirst for years ta’ come, people, and an after show signin’ that’ll make ya squeeze ya’ thighs with glee!!

Join ya’ hard-cooked curator REBECCA HAVEMEYER as I attempt ta’ roll these piggies out like the red carpet they are for a night hosting TWO SCREENINGS of blood an’ guts for all freaks to enjoy!

These moments rarely come so close ta’ home, my lil’ film fanatics, and I’m hopin’ y’all can make it to this most special affair. Tickets are sellin' like newborn babies, so tha’ sooner ya’ sign on, tha’ better! Don’t hesitate, just dive in people. It only gets bloodier from here on out. Make it a heavy flowin’ May at the Alamo Ritz for ALL ABOUT EVIL. I guarantee a night ya’ won’t forget. Booya!! (Rebecca Havemeyer)

* * * * * *

Now, noted cinema scholar Daniel Metz on gutter classic PINK FLAMINGOS with Mink Stole LIVE!

An Exercise in Bad Taste and Good Art:

PINK FLAMINGOS is quite possibly the most disturbing art film in history. In 1972, John Waters created a transgressive motion picture unlike anything before it. It's truly a unique example of cinema made at the boundaries of taste, convention, budget and aesthetics. The story of two rival factions in down-and-dirty Baltimore who are both vying for the title of "filthiest person alive" is outrageous enough to relegate it to the scariest depths of American film legend. But the truly impressive thing about PINK FLAMINGOS -- and what enters it into the pantheon of truly excellent cinema achievements -- is the way that Waters captures the freakshow that was Baltimore circa 1972. From the deranged lunatics and maniacs he got to play the principal and supporting characters we get chicken rapists, steak thieves, incestual cursers, toe suckers, meat flashers and cannibals. And also a brown eye that opens and closes for all the world to see.

With all this hoity-toity stuff, we must not forget how goddamned funny this movie is. Anyone with a twisted sense of humor will love and laugh through every moment of this film. It's a party of excess, disregard for humanity, and hatred for morality. This is the campiest, craziest, freaky-deakiest movie you'll ever see.

And that's not all! Screen icon and star Mink Stole, one of the "Filthiest People Alive," will be in attendance! This Sunday night is a trash-lover's fantasy!



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