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Littleton’s First Run of First Run Titles

Our New Release Titles are Ready For Purchase

Littleton’s First Run of First Run Titles

The Alamo Drafthouse Littleton has its grand opening on March 25th! While we are marking that big occasion with our special event, “An Evening With Pam Grier,” we’ll also have a wide array of first-run movies playing for you to choose from.  Here’s what’s awaiting you for our first official week of operation, March 25th-28th, and tickets are on sale now through our website, or can be purchased at the box office after our doors are officially open.

SPRING BREAKERS: An edgy and bold expose into the seedy underbelly of … spring break? Yes, and no.  Harmony Korine has never been an easy director to digest or interpret, and while SPRING BREAKERS promises to be his most mainstream effort yet, it’s still a divisive, crazy, and squirm-inducing film.   SPRING BREAKERS is the sordid tale of four girls (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine) determined to have the spring break of their dreams.  They rob a convenience store, hit the beach, and are arrested on drug charges.  Luckily, their new gangster friend Alien (James Franco) is there to bail them out. But when they join his entourage, their spring break adventure becomes a toxic fever dream of sex, drugs, violence and chaos.  Badass Digest praises it as “vibrant and smart, a societal critique that allows us to slightly revel in that which it is critiquing” and the Alamo Drafthouse has chosen this film as their first Drafthouse Recommends selection. We’re excited to have it as one of our first new release films playing at the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, where it’s certain to spark some vibrant, passionate discussion.

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN:  Terrorists have seized control of the White House, and are holding the President of the United States hostage.  Control of the country falls to the Speaker of the House (Morgan Freeman), who is faced with besieging this beloved American residence. But neither the terrorists nor the Speaker counted on disgraced, ex-Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), who just happened to be in the place when the bad guys came knocking.  Banning must be a one-man army, and rescue America from a national nightmare.  OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN is an explosive, bullet-filled thriller in the vein of DIE HARD, and it’s one of two defend-the-White-House flicks we’ll have playing this week.   You might want to make a double-bill of OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and G.I. JOE RETALIATION. We can certainly provide the food fuel to keep you going through so much mayhem.

THE CROODS 2D & 3D:  All the prehistoric Croods know is the confines of their cave.  But after a pesky, continent shifting earthquake destroys their home, the Croods discover there is a lush and exotic world beyond all their wildest dreams. Boasting the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds, THE CROODS is a sweet and enchanting adventure about humanity’s first family, and their adorable pet sloth. He’s going to look even cuter in our spanking new 3D theater. With our kid’s menu, THE CROODS can be a one-stop, movie-and-meal destination for all the families out there, and we hope you’ll bring yours to meet ours at the Drafthouse.

ADMISSION: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd star in this off-beat romantic comedy about an uptight Princeton admissions officer, Portia Nathan (Fey), who is invited to visit an alternative high school run by John Pressman (Rudd), a former, free-wheeling college pal.  His goal is to introduce Nathan to a brilliant and quirky student who dreams of going to Princeton, and who might just be the son she secretly gave up for adoption. Will Nathan bend the rules for Jeremiah, and give up her chances of Princeton promotion? Will she fall for Pressman, relax her strict, number crunching ways, and embrace a new life?  A lightweight, feel good comedy, ADMISSION is sure to charm, and it’s an easy way to experience the alternate experience of movies at the Drafthouse. 

OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL 2D & 3D :  Sam Raimi brings all his imagination and skill to bring the magical world of Oz to vivid life in this fanciful prequel to THE WIZARD OF OZ. Small town magician Oscar Diggs (James Franco) finds himself whisked away to Oz, and embroiled in a power struggle between three powerful and beautiful witches.  They believe him to be a prophesied hero, but Diggs knows he’s just a humbug. Can he be the hero Oz needs, and become the great man of his dreams?  Though we know how the story turns out – wicked witches, and a man behind a curtain – here’s what happened before Dorothy’s house landed with a fateful squish. It’s an immersive, captivating film, one that Badass Digest hails as “the most worthy successor” of the classic 1939 THE WIZARD OF OZ. We promise that watching it with us will make it even more enchanting, as we’ll be bringing all our Drafthouse spells to the experience.

IDENTITY THIEF:  Melissa McCarthy stole our hearts and laughs in BRIDESMAIDS, so it’s only natural her first starring role finds her stealing Jason Bateman’s identity in IDENTITY THIEF.   Meek and mild businessman Sandy Patterson (Bateman) has his life and credit rating turned upside down when Diana (McCarthy) rips off his identity, and goes on a massive Miami shopping spree. Determined to hold Diana responsible, Sandy travels from Denver to Miami to confront Diana, and put an end to her life of plush crime by bringing her back to Denver to face the law.  But the road to justice doesn’t run smooth, and plenty of adventures and disasters await Sandy and Diana.  There’s nothing better than seeing two comedians like McCarthy and Bateman cut loose, and seeing them hurtle towards our fair city makes the joke even better.  Come have a laugh, and salute Denver onscreen and off by ordering one of our locally brewed draft beers.

Opening Thursday Wednesday, March 27th
G.I. JOE RETALIATION: Fans of G.I. JOE have had to wait longer than expected for their delirious, action-figure filled sequel to G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, but it’s here, and it’s bringing Bruce Willis and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson along for the ride. (And what a ride it promises to be, given the amount of exploding motorcycles that appear in the trailer!)  The G.I. Joes find themselves marked as traitors by Cobra Commander Zartan, who is impersonating the President of the United States, and has the world’s leaders under his control.   But you can’t keep a good Joe down, even when he’s the retired original, General Joseph Colton (Willis).  All the Joes band together to overthrow the Cobra Commander and his allies, and restore world peace with their arsenal of weapons, muscles, and scowls.  Order up some really, really hot wings, and enjoy the high-octane ride!


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