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It’s Time To Rock and Roll With the Avery Beer Dinner: POINT BREAK

The Avery Beer Dinner: POINT BREAK surfs in on Thursday, May 23. You want it so bad, it's like acid in your mouth...

It’s Time To Rock and Roll With the Avery Beer Dinner: POINT BREAK

If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price … or just come to our Avery Beer Dinner: POINT BREAK event on Thursday, May 23 at 7:00, which is less fatal, but just as thrilling.

Every generation has its bromantic epic, a film that lets men know it’s all right to love a ripped body, and cool philosophy, even if it’s embodied in another dude. For the ‘90s, that movie was Kathryn Bigelow’s POINT BREAK.    

POINT BREAK is the doomed love story of Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), a rookie FBI Agent on the trail of bank robbers known as the Ex-Presidents.   When his partner Angelo Pappas (a scene and meatball-sub chewing Gary Busey) theorizes the Ex-Presidents might be surfers, Utah decides to infiltrate the local surfing community.   But like so many undercover cops before him, Utah goes too deep, and falls hard for the waves, a girl, and the big kahuna of the beach, Bodhi (Patrick Swayze).   Utah’s heart and soul are tested when he discovers Bodhi isn’t just the coolest guy of the surf, but the leader of the Ex-Presidents.    Will he turn on Bodhi?  Of course.  He crossed a line. People trust him, and they died.  But that doesn’t mean it won’t kill Utah to do it.

As summer means surf movies (even in a landlocked state like Colorado), we couldn’t resist shaping a Food and Film event around this guns-and-boards classic.  With Avery Brewing Company coming in to be the Bodhi to our Utah, and Chef Seth Rexroad acting as our Pappas, we now have the perfect blend of food, film, and beer. As hearts and waves crash together onscreen, you’ll be served a series of five courses, all paired with their own Avery beer:

Young and Dumb

Chicken and Waffles, Bacon Maple Glazed Donut, Beer Maple Syrup

Paired with Out of Mind Coffee Stout

Shrimp and Fries

Jumbo Fried Shrimp, with hand cut potato fries, melon, mango gastrique

Paired with Avery IPA

The 50 Year Storm

Ahi Tartar, Beer Battered Cod, Tartar Sauce, Mussels sautéed in beer

Dish prepared with Salvation Belgian Strong Ale
Paired with Karma Belgian Pale Ale

Utah Gimme Two
Italian Sausage/Beef Meatballs, Roasted Tomato Marinara, French Baguette

Paired with Hog Heaven Barleywine

100% Pure Adrenaline
Chocolate Ice Cream, Raspberry, Arbol Marshmellows
Paired with Mephistopheles Imperial Stout


Senior Avery Brewmaster Andy Parker will be on hand to discuss each of the Avery beers served, and enjoy the evening with us.

All our feasts come with vegetarian options or can be adjusted for allergy or dietary requirements. Simply let your server know once you’re seated, and they can make the necessary adjustments to your meal.

Tickets for the Thursday, May 23 Avery Beer Dinner: POINT BREAK are on sale now. Remember, fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true … like missing this POINT BREAK feast!


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