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Legendary director Stephanie Rothman is back! And she’s at the Ritz this Wednesday

Director Stephanie Rothman Presents THE STUDENT NURSES (9:45 at the Ritz) GROUP MARRIAGE (Midnight at the Ritz) Click links to buy tickets.

In the '60s and '70s, many fine directors got their start with Roger Corman's microbudget operation: Coppola, Scorsese, Demme, Joe Dante, Ron Howard, Stephanie Rothman... Wait, what's her name doing in there? Well, that's the beginning of a long story and one that she tells best. Fortunately for us, she'll be here on Wednesday to tell it. For many of her male counterparts it was a hop, skip and a jump to bigger things, for Stephanie Rothman, the drive-in was the end of the line. So a promising career died on the vine. The company best known for Women In Prison and biker movies gave her a shot but big Hollywood wasn't interested in women directors so she moved on to other things. For years she didn't make appearences or grant interviews. But now she's back, and her fascinating stories, and equally compelling films are back too.

Wednesday night we'll have a double feature of her films, the provocative and subversive movie THE STUDENT NURSES at 9:40pm followed by the Weird Wednesday presentation of her relationship comedy GROUP MARRIAGE at midnight. She'll be in attendance to introduce both films. This is one of those very special presentations that you just can't miss.


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