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Last chance!  THE ROOM at the Ritz

Oh hi Mark.

We had this guy to the left here come out to the Ritz a few months ago to present his film THE ROOM and impart a little of his homespun indie wisdom.  Very little, in fact.

Here's a breakdown for the indie filmmakers out there:

-Shoot DV and 35mm simultaneously.  That way, you'll know what the right decision was.

-Don't let your actors meet prior to the day of the shoot.  They might develop unwanted chemistry.

-It's all about the set-ups.  Never about the pay-offs.

-Save time and money.  Shoot one long sex scene and cut it into several.

-Not knowing where a character came from, who the character is or why they are there.  Now THAT builds suspense.

-Once you've blocked a scene, say to yourself  "now how could I make this more distressing?"  Then block it again.

-Only shoot two takes.  Use the first one.  No matter what.

-And finally, if a neck-tie is tied around someone's forehead, that means they're drunk.

We've enjoyed monthly screenings of Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece (in 35mm!) for the last three months, but sadly, it's time to move on.  Tomorrow, we're having our final screening and you should be there.  It truly is an unforgettable experience.

In the word's of Wiseau, "[When you're in The Room], you can laugh, you can cry, just please don't hurt anyone."  But he also said "we all know a Denny in our lives."  If you've seen THE ROOM and you "know a Denny," you need to reevaluate your life.

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