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Lars’ 10 Favorite Alamo Moments of 2006

No particular order and I reserve the right to slap my forehead and go, "Oh I forgot about that!"

Fantastic Fest Screening of FUNKY FOREST. It kept getting weirder and weirder until I felt like my skin was sliding off.

Quentin Tarantino hosted screening of Rollerderby exploitation movie UNHOLY ROLLERS with the Lonestar Rollergirls.

My favorite director Richard Rush in person for PSYCH OUT and THE STUNT MAN.

Watching Peter Whitehead and Nikki St.-Phalle's bent psychodrama DADDY at Downtown.

Meeting Chuck Norris and hearing his war stories about making the MISSING IN ACTION movies.

The Weird Wednesday screening of the hitherto unknown Greek sexploitation masterpiece WILD PUSSYCAT, which blew everyone out of the water and almost made me start smoking.

Seeing THE DION BROTHERS at QT Fest and afterwards quoting it for weeks with everyone else who was there.

Watching Boat Safety Films with a crew of weird people aboard a giant yacht thanks to Skip Elsheimer.

Watching RAW FORCE at Terror Thursday with a crowd that looked like it had just snorted a line of coke off Richard Simmons' face.

Everything else is tied for 10th place. I can't narrow it all down.

Needless to say if you're living in Austin and you're not attending the Alamo regularly you are wasting your life and you should get on the good foot.

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