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Lanes – A South Lamar Update

There are two different types of lanes in and around the new South Lamar building to cover in this latest update.

Lanes – A South Lamar Update

What you see in the image above are the bowling lanes that used to be at the original Highball. These are now being repurposed for the new Highball. But I will get to that in a moment.

Perhaps the most promising development outside of the Alamo’s new South Lamar building is a different type of lane:  Work on the Treadwell entrance driveway has begun. They are only just now laying the rebar and framing the curbs, but by all accounts this is a big move towards getting ready to open for the public.

Oustide the Highball we can see the sliding windows that are being installed for the patio.

Work has started on recycling the bowling lanes for use in the Highball. This is the original wood from the lanes and will be put to use in the dance floor, as benches in the patio area, and as the Highball’s bar top. When in place, the bar top and dance floor will be oriented to look like bowling lanes. While I was there workers were prepping the wood for installation, and I was told that they would begin laying the floor down later in the day.

Upstairs, wallpaper has been put up in the hallway to the karaoke rooms.

Floor tiling in the lobby looks nice.

In the theater hallway, reel lights are installed and operational.

This hallway to theater 3, though not fully completed, already looks inviting.

Projectors are in place in the booth. Here we can see three projectors set for theater one. In the middle is the digital projector and, flanking it, two 35mm projectors.

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