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A South Lamar Update

With the announcement that the new Alamo South Lamar/Highball will be opening this summer, construction seems to be taking on fresh urgency.

A South Lamar Update

Granted, we still don’t have a date for the grand opening, but looking around the site there is evidence that the summer opening isn’t too far off. First of all, the banner image above shows the current status of the Highball. What is most notable is that the construction of the dividing wall between the Highball and theater lobby has begun, with the start of sheetrock high above the ground floor.

Also, the back wall of the Highball is starting to come together. This is where the restrooms will be.

The service entrance to the karaoke rooms/projection booth is in the final stages of construction.

Power lines are starting to be run.

Here we can see the current condition of the new projection booth for theaters 1 and 2.

These are the port holes for theater 1.

And a view of theater 1 from the port holes.

This is theater 2, as seen from the port holes. Notice the speaker cable that has been run to the wall behind the screen. Also of note is that drop ceiling framing has been installed in all three theaters and the work lights installed in the ceiling are in operation. 

Framing of the entrances in theater 2.

Here is theater 3. The black material is acoustic insulation. This was going up in all theaters while I was there. As has been the case during construction, theater 3 is the furthest along.

Out front, the walls have been going up around the apartment units above the Highball.

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