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Alamo South Lamar: Three new theaters makes NINE total!

Screens are up, speakers are in place, and projectors are in the booth.

Alamo South Lamar: Three new theaters makes NINE total!

The image above is of theater three which, as you can see, now has all the elements needed to show a movie in a state of the art theater. The next steps include wiring it all together and installing a few more things, and this place will be good to go. Let’s check out the rest of the new building at South Lamar.

A lot of tile has gone up around the lobby, as you can see it here in and around the box office.

Looking to the left of the box office, the lobby has had some ceiling work done. The ceiling tile framing is finished and they were painting the ceiling tiles while I was there.

This is the back entrance to the Highball, where the restrooms are. 

In the Highball, ceiling tile framing is done.

And more work above the bar.

Upstairs, the karaoke rooms are getting door frames installed and the inside of the rooms are being prepared for the start of interior design work.

Ceiling tile installation is almost complete in the hallway.

The entrances to theaters 1 and 2 have tile work.

The entrance to theater 3 is getting a frame now. This had to wait in order to make room for the projector to go down this hall and up into the booth at the end of it.

Again, here is the screen in theater 3

Surround speakers and the Alamo trademark film reel lights are installed. This is theater 3.

Here is how theater 2’s screen looks.

Upstairs in the booth for theaters 1 and 2, the projection equipment has arrived.

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