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Lakeline theater is underway!

Lakeline is scheduled to open in July 2013

Lakeline theater is underway!

If you haven't heard the news yet, we are excited to be the first to tell you that we are opening a new theater in northwest Austin located at 14028 N US Highway 183, Bldg F, Austin, TX 78717, adjacent to Lakeline Mall, in the new Lakeline Market Shopping Center. Alamo Lakeline will have 10 screens, the largest of any Alamo theater yet! The current theater at Lake Creek will continue to operate until the Lakeline theater is complete. Lakeline is scheduled to open in July 2013

Now on to the fun stuff - construction photos! Above you can see the facade of the new building. See that extra patio space to the right? We have a surprise in store for you... it includes a very large beer selection and a very cool place to drink said beer. More details coming soon on that excitement! 

The kitchen is also coming along well! The ceiling will go up next followed by vent hoods. 

Theater insulation is now on the walls and we are waiting for curtains, speakers and the classic reel lights

This theater is almost ready for risers to be placed. This is the view from the (soon to be) screen facing the back of the theater, those three brown squares are the projection port windows

Stay tuned for more updates as the theater moves along - we can't wait to open! 



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