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Lakeline Construction Update

A full row of seats is officially nailed down. This is happening! 

Lakeline Construction Update

We are back again with a Lakeline update. First things first - take a look at the front of this theater! 

Now let's take a look inside... enter the front doors and we see the team hard at work in the new lobby. The overhang on the right is where you'll pick up or purchase your tickets. To the far right is the future entrance to an exciting place to drink and order your beer and liquor (more to come on that!).

Enter one our larger theaters: screen is up, curtains are in place, lights and speakers are ready, concrete is poured and seats are waiting to be assembled and bolted into their future homes. (Plus you can see one of the team members sitting amongst the equipment for scale.) 

We will also have "microtheaters" at Lakeline - smaller houses that allow us to provide a greater variety of programming and potentially keep films longer. Here is a photo from the front corner by the screen so you can get a gauge as to how intimate the viewing is. 

Now take a peek into a very special projection booth - the future home of a 35mm projector! 

And if you happen to swing by, don't worry about this sign on our door. When we open to the public we will allow food, coffee and cokes. However, no spitting, smoking, talking or texting will remain.  


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