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Lakeline: 6 days until opening!

Theater tables, kitchen windows, glowing signs, beer lines... look at our stuff!

Lakeline: 6 days until opening!

We are thisclose to opening Lakeline. The finishing touches are coming together and we are SIX DAYS away from enjoying a cold beer, burger and fries from our new kitchen. If you missed our update about grand opening shenanigans you can catch yourself up here. On to the photos... 

Our theater signs, bathroom signs and ticket signs are ready to be hung and the box office is set up. 

Our theaters are also ready! Daniel was nice enough to pose for scale in our large house. Notice the handicapped accessible seating and the massive amount of space between front row and screen. We intentionally designed the theater so there is no bad seat in the house and we have room for Q&A's, dance-offs, live music, weddings, performances, buffet lines, presentations, games, eating contests and probably anything else you can think of... 

Our kitchen at Lakeline will be the first Alamo kitchen with windows - which is pretty nice! - and will be our second "kitchen up" design following our theater in Littleton, CO. "Kitchen up" design means that the kitchen is on the second floor. Servers will enter through secret server-only entrances to bring you food and beverage. With this system, you will never see servers running around with trays or feel the need to grab someone else's popcorn as you see it waltz by while you are waiting in the lobby. Food will arrive at your table quicker and the hallways and lobby will be less crowded. This also means that Ritz isn't the only theater in Austin with an elevator. 

Did we mention BEER?! The lines are installed and our mouths are watering. 

We finish our construction update with BEER to ensure that we leave you on a good note. Until we open, we recommend you continue checking this countdown clock every day like we do. Six days! 


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