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Ladies Only! 100% guaranteed penis-free!

Ladies, want to experience this estrogen-rich film without the burden of eye-rolling, buzz-killing, one-thing-wanting dicks?

Then gather your best friends together and make your way to the Ritz for our special 'Ladies Only' show! Something just doesn't sound right when you say 'Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda and John.' So, leave John at home (in the crate so he doesn't chew up your couch) and embrace the warm, welcoming arms of a theater with absolutely no men! We're talking everyone- the audience, the servers, the managers- ALL female! Can you imagine a more beautiful world?

But if you absolutely MUST see SEX AND THE CITY on opening day (May 30th) and you don't mind a bunch of chumps in the crowd, you better get your ticket now because they're on sale! Forget IRON MAN and SPEED RACER, forget BATMAN even- this is the most anticipated film of the Summer!

And while supplies last, if you order a cosmo at the Ritz, you get to take home the commemorative SEX AND THE CITY long-stem glass home with when you break out the DVDs at home, you can recall that magical time when the fashionable foursome were ten feet tall on the silver screen!

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