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Something to sing about

You've seen our signs and seats, but what happens when you actually get into an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema show? 

Something to sing about

If you see a first-run film, you enjoy a new movie as it was meant to be seen, without chatty neighbors, texting audience members or other distractions. But if you go to one of Alamo's signature interactive shows, you're in for an entirely different experience.

One event that is planned for Kalamazoo is the weekly TOTALLY '80s SING ALONG, which typically takes place around 10 p.m. Fridays or Saturdays. A local host leads the crowd in singing two hours' worth of the most popular hits of the decade -- the play list changes weekly -- and dancing is encouraged.

If you don't remember all the words to "Karma Chameleon" ( did anyone ever know all the words to "Karma Chameleon"?), the lyrics are printed across the bottom of the screen. Party props may include balloons, glow-in-the-dark bracelets or inflatable "air guitars."

Whether you remember the days when MTV still played music videos or not, TOTALLY '80s SING ALONG is an awesome blast from the days of FOOTLOOSE and FLASHDANCE, Culture Club and Kajagoogoo.

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