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Kurt Cobain + Vanilla Ice 4 Ever!

The Action Pack presents
Thursdays, January 6, 13, 20 & 27 at the Ritz
Advance tickets available here

Uh, double up uh, uh!

Things I learned from pop music in the 1990s:

1) Silicon parts? They're made for toys.

2) Miami is the town that created all the bass sounds.

3) Will Smith's cardio is infinite.

4) Stay away from any kids named Jeremy, especially if they draw pictures of themselves on mountaintops.

5) If I wannabe one of the Spice Girls lovers, first I have to hook up with all of their friends.

And, of course, sooooo much more. Because pop music in the 90s *meant* something, didn't it? Well... that depends.

Yes, the 90s was the decade when alternative music and grunge made it from Seattle to the top of the charts and got massive play on MTV and radio. But it was also the decade when rappers realized all they had to do was take a hook from an old disco track and talk about how awesome they were over it and they would automatically be given the number one spot on the Billboard charts.

The thing is - both of those extremes are awesome, and so is everything in between that got influenced by the massive amounts of selling out and sampling and the painful desire to rock out with authenticity. And every single one of those songs became an anthem in its own right.

So join us this month at the Alamo Ritz as we celebrate all of the anthems of the 1990s, from "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to "Baby Got Back." We'll have tambourines so everyone can jam along with the indie rockers, glow sticks for when it's time to get the dance party going crazy, and some inflatable guitars we can try to smash on the stage during the guitar solo anthems. We'll feel stupid and contagious!


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