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Knit. Purl. Subvert. HANDMADE NATION this Sunday at Ritz!

Sunday at 7 PM - Ritz

This film documents the new wave of art, craft and design that is capturing the attention of the nation. Filmmaker Levine traveled to 15 cities and covered more than 19,000 miles to interview artists, crafters, makers, curators and community members. Today’s craft world has emerged as a synthesis of historical technique, punk culture, and the DIY ethos, also influenced by traditional handiwork, modern aesthetics, politics, feminism and art.

Levine captured the tightly knit community that exists through websites, blogs, and online stores that connect to the greater public through independent boutiques, galleries and craft fairs.

Interviews were conducted on location in artist studios, homes, boutiques, offices and craft fairs, giving the public an exclusive and rarely seen look into the lives of these creative individuals.

Get those tickets QUICK!


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