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KILL LIST, a horror movie that’ll leave you in need of a cold shower, opens this Friday at West Oaks

Director Ben Wheatley's new film KILL LIST opens at West Oaks this Friday. The film, a nonstop assult on your senses, is a rough and tumble thriller from the UK that will leave you shaking. The weak need not apply to this film's theatrical run in Houston. 

KILL LIST, a horror movie that’ll leave you in need of a cold shower, opens this Friday at West Oaks

Named the number one horror film of last year by Blood-Disgusting, KILL LIST is a bleak British thriller from filmmaker Ben Wheatley that defines genre classification. It's a family drama. A hitman action film. A violent cultist horror movie. KILL LIST is quite a few things and more but the one word that pops out the most when critics discuss the new movie, opening at West Oaks this Friday, is engrossing.

Neil Maskell stars as Jay, an out-of-work ex-soldier turned contact killer who has no work, no money and no health care. The one thing does seem to have plenty of, though, is a wife who won't get off his case about their family's financial future. It's in this moment of weakness — desperate to keep his family afloat — that Jay agrees to join his partner Gal (Michael Smiley) in a new venture that'll prove to be more dangerous and more wicked than either could have imagined. 

As the movie surges forward at a breakneck pace, the two hitmen become increasingly engulfed in the off-kilter world of their contract. Jay's grip on reality is unraveling and the devoted family man is sent deep into the heart of darkness. 

KILL LIST is a terrifying new psychological horror film from IFC Midnight. It received six nominations from the 2011 British Indepenent FIlm Awards, including Best Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Screenplay. As Eric Kohn wrote for indieWIRE, the film "will leave your bones rattling." 

Don't miss the film durings its weeklong run at West Oaks. Purchase tickets in advance and see showimes at the film's event page here.


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