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Kevin Smith is bringing Hollywood Babble-On and Red State to the Alamo Drafthouse

Filmmaker/raconteur Kevin Smith is returning to the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston this weekend and he's bringing along comedian Ralph Garman for a special live taping of their podcast Hollywood Babble-On. In addition, the director will be offering up a special advanced screening of his new film RED STATE, a thrilling take on extreme fundamentalism gone south. Tickets are on sale for both events but they are going fast.  

Kevin Smith is bringing Hollywood Babble-On and Red State to the Alamo Drafthouse


The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at West Oaks Mall will run RED this Saturday. In addition to the live podcast taping of HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON featuring filmmaker Kevin Smith and comedian Ralph Garman, we will be screening Smith’s new film, a fundamentalist horror action flick named RED STATE at 10 PM.

For a filmmaker who has stated in interviews that he’s on the cusp of retiring from directing films, Kevin Smith sure is a busy man. He’s currently distributing his latest film, RED STATE, in a uniquely personal way — taking the movie on a worldwide tour where it’ll be accompanied by a Q&A session from the filmmaker. In addition, he’s just recently launched S.I.R., an Internet radio network that brings live, streaming podcasts directly to his legion of fans. 

Between his numerous podcasts and his prolific Twittering, it has never been easier to know what’s on Smith’s mind at any given moment and, as you may expect from a man who’s been keeping busy (if reports are to be believed, he’s currently working on plans to create a daily television show), there’s a lot on Smith’s mind.

HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON is a weekly podcast where Kevin Smith teams up with the equally funny comedian Ralph Garman for an irreverent look at what’s happening in Tinseltown. From celebrity news and gossip to weekly segments on topics ranging from recent celebrity deaths to the reputed size of Liam Neeson’s anatomy, Hollywood Babble-On is a very funny take on America’s fascination with celebrity culture — and it’s coming to Houston.

Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman will be performing their podcast live at the Alamo Drafthouse theater in West Oaks Mall on Saturday, August 27. Only a few tickets remain for the event so you will want to stop reading right now and reserve your seat for what is sure to be the social event of the season.

Saturday, August 27 @ 7 PM — West Oaks Mall

RED STATE, Smith’s latest film, takes a look at fundamentalism gone wrong. A sharp departure from the films Smith has previously made, RED STATE is an over-the-top, action-packed horror film that marks a new step for Smith as a filmmaker. We’ll be screening the film at 10 PM on Saturday, following the live taping of Hollywood Babble-On. Tickets are $20 and will include a bonus Q&A with Smith following the film.

Saturday, August 27 @ 10 PM — West Oaks Mall

In addition, to celebrate Kevin Smith’s return to the Alamo Drafthouse – West Oaks, we’re also hosting our second Kevin Smith-themed art show. Paintings will be hung in the theater all week for you to take a peek at the work of artists both local and from around the world. Some of the paintings and screen prints are even available to purchase and take home.

You won’t want to miss this special celebrity appearance at the Alamo Drafthouse this Saturday and unless you buy tickets soon, you’re going to miss out because these are two Alamo Drafthouse events that are sure to sell out soon.


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