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Kansas City Takeover: Mainstreet Theater Coming Soon

The keys are in our hands and we're setting up shop!

Kansas City Takeover: Mainstreet Theater Coming Soon

Oh hello, Kansas City!

On Saturday, I drove roughly 12 hours up to Kansas City from Austin, Texas with a group of fellow Alamo Drafthouse family members. Some of us (including myself) had never been here before, and now we’ve found ourselves living here for the next two to three months. While definitely a crazy and daunting task, we’re already so glad we made that decision. This is the first time the Alamo team has really done something like this, so it’s all very exciting (and crazy… and daunting…).

Yesterday, we walked through this amazing building. While the state-of-the-art theater is already a lovely site, the sheer size and history of the Mainstreet Theater is absolutely spectacular. Aside from this incredible building, we’re also inheriting a pretty great staff.

Today, we’re closing the doors for a short period of time while we learn the ropes of operations and hang out with our new staff. We’re going to immediately implement some of our infamous Drafthouse policies (our “Don’t Talk” PSAs and Alamo Drafthouse custom preshows for example) and incorporate a new food and bar menu into the scene, but we don’t want to close for long. With that in mind, we’re not yet going to be what most have come to know as the Alamo Drafthouse. Adding full food service to all screens (there’s food and beverage service in three of the six theaters already) is going to require some renovations, and we’d hate to shut down for that right when one of the greatest films of the year (almost certainly) is about to hit movie screens (we’ve got some Dark Knight Rises food specials we want to eat!).

So even though the Alamo Drafthouse is operating the venue, you won’t see any Alamo Drafthouse logos right now. The heart and soul are there, but we’re going to wait until we can give it the full Drafthouse makeover before bestowing it with the Alamo name. This, obviously, means we’re going to have a HUGE party after the renovations are done.

Very soon, the doors to the theater will reopen and Mainstreet Cinema will be up and running, with fantastic cocktails and events happening next door at The Chesterfield. We can’t wait to invite you over! (Spoiler alert: It’s going to be really, really fun.)

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