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Kansas City, Come on By

We're opening our doors for 7pm showtimes tonight. Come on by and see us

Kansas City, Come on By

Hey Kansas City! It has been an absolutely bazonkers week and a half, but man it's been fun. Turns out, you guys have a pretty cool city here, and we've been exploring it bit by bit and beer by beer. Speaking of beer, we made some friends over at Boulevard Brewing Co today. We're pretty excited about the possiblities of that friendship.

While we're still working out a few kinks (namely, getting our online ticketing functioning), we felt pretty confident about our staff and our system, so we thought we'd open our doors tonight! Yes, we've only had the keys to the building for less than a week. No, that's not really a lot of time to reopen a building. Screw it. We're gonna open anyway.

So come on by and say hello! We're not getting new releases until this Friday, and we'll hopefully have tickets online by then, but we've got a few movies on screen, Alamo food in the kitchen, and some bartenders at The Chesterfield that are ready to pour you a delicious cocktail!

Tonight we'll have Prometheus, Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman. Doors open at 6pm. We'll see ya then!

Traditional Theaters:
Theater 1: Avengers - 6:45pm
Theater 2: Prometheus - 7:30pm
Theater 3: Snow White & The Huntsman - 7:15

Full Service Theaters:
Theater 4: Snow White - 7:00pm
Theater 5: Avengers - 7:15pm
Theater 6: Prometheus - 7:30pm


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