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K-Tel/ELO Rollerskating New Years Party!

hey folks - I hope you haven't made plans for new Years yet because if you're anything like me, you think Jeff Lynne is a goddam genius, and the only thing better than seeing ELO live is seeing the K-Tel Hit Machine perform their ELO set with the Tosca String Quartet!

And this particular show happens to take place at Playland Skate center on New Year's Eve, with rollerskating from 9-11pm and dancing from 11pm-1am , and classic roller clips playing onscreen behind them. What could be more perfect?? If you attend, every chamber-pop fan around the globe will be seething with jealousy because their towns don't have a cover band awesome enough to do a whole set of ELO songs.

Before the ELO set they'll be warming up with a set of 70s AM radio classics too! Tickets are limited, they're $50 and include free drinks (don't even ask about the herculean task of getting a liquor license for a roller rink...) and appetizers from our esteemed Alamo chefs.

you can get your tickets here:

I hope to see you there!


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