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Judgment Day comes to the Ritz

Action Pack Theater presents TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY in glorious 35mm with live explosions and gunfire Sundays, Jan 24 & 31 Advance tickets available here

Take the most badass action movies of all time, bring some new pyrotechnics into the theater that are capable of bringing the explosions onscreen out into the real world, and hand out a few cap guns so select audience members can help the gunfire in the movie come through in a new definition of surround sound, and what do you say? Fuck yeah!

Fuck yeah, you do. For this inaugural screening of Action Pack Theater we're breaking out the big guns with a full on 35mm film print of TERMINATOR 2 and a whole bevy of new pyro devices we haven't used at any of our other shows.

And while we're showing the 35mm print and can't put any subtitles up on the screen, we're still gonna bring in some of the Action Pack mainstays by inviting the audience to quote-along to the super key lines, shoot-along to the super key gun battles, and Fuck-Yeah-along to all of the awesomest moments. And no, we don't know exactly what that means yet, because the first show is this Sunday. But we're sure it's going to be incredible.

God damn, I'm excited. When I first saw TERMINATOR 2 in the theater, my brain melted like the T-1000. "Hasta la vista, baby" made its way into my regular vocabulary (hey, I was 14 that year, so lay off!), and the image of the wasteland after Judgment Day was seared into my memories forever. The latest attempt to salvage the Terminator franchise wasn't the coolest movie ever, but T2 IS the coolest movie ever, and we're excited to start off ACTION PACK THEATER with the loudest bang possible. (Henri Mazza)

Get your advance tickets to T2 here, and keep up to date on Action Pack Theater and all of their other shows and parties by following them on Twitter: @theactionpack.

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