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Join us as we discover The Meaning of Life (While Drinking Beer)

THE MEANING OF LIFE Beer Dinner with a menu by Alamo Executive Chef John Bullington and beer pairings selected by Austin Beerworks!

Join us as we discover The Meaning of Life (While Drinking Beer)

I feel like I say this at the beginning of every beer-centric blog post, but I'll say it again: We love beer, here at the Alamo. We love it a lot. Thrive on it, even. It's delicious and malty and hoppy and crisp and we can't get enough. We even pair it with food, sometimes, when we're feeling crazy! Well, we're feeling pretty crazy this month, so we thought we'd show one of our favorite bizarro comedies while we ate food and drank beer. Brilliant!

On November 15th at Alamo Lake Creek, we'll be showing Monty Python's THE MEANING OF LIFE with a menu prepared by Alamo Executive Chef John Bullington and beer pairings from Michael Graham at Austin Beerworks! Yes, chow down on a feast prepared to tie-in perfectly with an array of specialty brews as well as to match with the hilarious sketches and songs that send up religion, chimney babies, organ transplants and even talking goldfish!

Tickets are $65 and can be purchased here

Check out the menu below with drink pairings in italics (we promise the salmon mousse won't kill you...)

(Amuse) Mr Creosote's Repast
Salmon mousse, ficelle crouton, fennel creme fraiche

(1) Pate de foie gras
Double helping of goose liver pate with shallot marmalade, parsley puree on brioche
Pearl-Snap - Light body, spicy hops and high carbonation to help cut the double fattiness.

(2) Oeuf de caille avec champignons
puree of wild mushrooms topped with quail egg
Fire Eagle -  Pronounced malty sweetness and assertive hop bite to accentuate umami from wild mushrooms.

(3) Frog's Legs Amandine
Frog Legs in brown butter with almonds and fried chive
Black Thunder - Roasted malts compliment the nuttiness of browned butter.

(4) Jugged Hare
Rabbit braised in a sauce of truffles, bacon, grand marnier, anchovies and cream
Battle Axe - Aggressive malt and hop profiles and full-bodied mouthfeel to stand up to the complexity of the dish

(5) Crepes Ananas
Caramelized pineapple, cinnamon crepe and rum sabayon
Peacemaker - The most subtle, balanced beer we make.  Will not overpower the sweetness of the dish and is palate cleansing.

And now I'm starving. Grab tickets HERE and let six of the funniest men EVER guide you through life’s most complex issues!



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