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Jesse Eisenberg Wants You to Talk Through His Movies

Jesse Eisenberg Wants You to Talk Through His Movies

Obviously, we immediately oppose his wish. 

Tim League sat down with Mr. Eisenberg at Home Slice Pizza the other day to talk about his upcoming film 30 MINUTES OR LESS. In the film, Jesse plays a pizza delivery guy (hence the Home Slice setting) who is attacked by Danny McBride and friends, has a bomb strapped to his chest, and is forced to rob a bank with his BFF Aziz Ansari! Crazy!

Anyway, forced armed robberies aside, Tim's interview consisted of trying to get Jesse to do one of our infamous "Don't Talk" PSAs. Usually when we're presented the opportunity to talk to a celebrity guest, this is somewhere on our priority list. Turns out though, Jesse doesn't exactly share our sentiments. 

(Not included: Tim's wrap up to this interview saying "Well, let's agree to disagree...")

Okay, really Jesse just hates watching himself on screen and would rather talk to friends so he can be distracted. We kind of get that. 

Sometimes these "Don't Talk" PSAs don't really work out the way we'd hoped! So, while you won't be seeing a brand new Jesse Eisenberg "Don't Talk" on screen anytime soon, our sentiments remain the same. Don't talk in our theater, EVEN IF you're trying to distract Jesse Eisenberg from watching himself on screen. Plus, if you talk during his movies, he'll just think that you hate him and his movies and you'll make him feel bad!

30 MINUTES OR LESS comes out August 12th. We'll definitely be showing it at our theaters! 

Thanks for being a sport, Jesse! 

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