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Jem at the Ritz.. truly outrageous!

Jem at the Ritz.. truly outrageous!

Saturday, October 8th

Tickets available here!

As a child of the 80s, I was surrounded by a dizzying array of superheros. She-Ra kicked major ass, but her personality left a little something to be desired. I loved Rainbow Brite, but it's tough to take a character created by Hallmark Cards seriously. For me, there was one heroine who stood above the rest, and her name is Jem. Jem is excitement! Jem is adventure! Jem is truly, truly, truly outrageous! In addition to having the best wardrobe of any animated character in history, Jem is both a crime fighter AND a rock star. She's a brilliant combination of Nancy Drew and Madonna, a smart, compassionate woman worth a thousand fist pumps. Unlike most modern celebrities, Jem is a true role model, and in spite of attacks from the Misfits and other rivals, she remains strong in character and in fashion sense. Join us on Saturday as we celebrate this rock icon with a cartoon cereal party at the Alamo Ritz!

We've scheduled this event to coincide with a momentous occasion in the lives of Jem fans: the release of the complete series on DVD! Now we can relive all of our favorite song montages, 80s outfits and behind the music drama from seasons one through three. You better believe we've picked some of the best episodes from this collection to showcase at our party, thanks to meticulous curation by Toy Joy's Lizzy Newsome. You can also expect glamorous and glittery prizes from Toy Joy as well as DVD giveaways from Shout Factory! Plus everyone in the theater will go home with an official Jem poster created specifically for this party.

Dress up in your hottest 80s pop star gear (pajamas are also welcome), feel the synergy with fellow Holograms fans and get ready to fly high on the truly contagious music of Jem and a ton of extra sugary cereal. (Sarah Pitre)

Check out this rad Jem and the Holograms poster that will be given to every member of the audience!


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