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Jazz Brunch this Sunday: Live Jazz + Woody Allen’s SLEEPER

sleeper-blogIntroducing our first ever Alamo Jazz Brunch featuring Stanley Smith and the Jazz Pharaohs performing live in the theater!

We've been seeing these Gospel Brunches popping up around town and finally decided the Alamo should represent. But since Gospel Music's already taken, not to mention it feels a tad church-y for our tastes, we figured why not open up our arms to good ol' fashioned American Jazz. And if ever the topic of jazz and film comes up in conversation and Woody Allen's name doesn't, you're in Russia, Comrade. An accomplished jazz clarinetist who still plays weekly gigs in New York, Woody Allen has made New Orleans jazz the soundtrack to nearly his entire body of work, a trend so deeply entrenched in his style that without it, it wouldn't really be "a Woody Allen movie."

For this inaugural Jazz Brunch outing, we've chosen his 1973 "Classic Woody" comedy SLEEPER. Allen plays Miles Monroe, a jazz clarinetist and health food store owner who gets cryogenically frozen for 200 years, only to awaken in a seemingly Orwellian dictatorship - a non-stop, jazz-infused roller-coaster of madcap misadventures, brazen innuendo and classic Allen one-liners ensues.

Enjoy our special Alamo brunch menu and a pre-movie live set by Austin's finest Jazz quartet headed up by clarinetist Stanley Smith, The Jazz Pharaohs!

Rare 35mm print!

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