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Japan Benefit: The ORIGINAL ‘80s Transformers movie at Lake Creek on May 5!

Fight Michael Bay WHILE supporting the people of Japan!

Japan Benefit: The ORIGINAL ‘80s Transformers movie at Lake Creek on May 5!

The original animated TRANSFORMERS movie in 35mm!

Thu 5/5 - Lake Creek - Just $5!

The world is filled with terrible tragedies. One recently happened in Japan. Another arguably took place in 2007 when Michael Bay stuck his fingers into our sacred nostalgia and squeezed it into unrecognizable mush. On May 5, we strike back against both with a 100%-of-door fundraiser to benefit the people of Japan.

The first TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE took place in the far-off futuristic year 2005 A.D., as an evil sentient planet called Unicron stands on the verge of devouring Earth. The ever-raging battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons takes on a treacherous new dimension when Unicron transforms the villainous Megatron and his crew into nigh-invincible warlords in the name of ultimate annihilation. Can the human race be saved?

Now, the Alamo Drafthouse brings the original film back to the screen, recalling a time when robo-warriors were rendered by men and not computers...when cartoon voices were provided by Hollywood legends including Leonard Nimoy and Orson Welles...when an epic kids’ film featured music by Weird Al Yankovic and a robot saying the “s” word...when the Autobots were an unstoppable force of interstellar justice!



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