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JAN 22: Ultimate RAMBO sneak attack…uh, preview!!!

AIN'T IT COOL NEWS and FANTASTIC FEST present a very, very masculine advance screening event!!

If you're an enthusiast of violence, justice, violent justice and male perspiration, there is only one film you've been waiting to see. And you've been waiting for 20 years.

The wait is OVER.

While the rest of the world's would-be freedom fighters squirm impatiently and stare at the calendar anticipating the international January 25th release date, Ain't It Cool News and Fantastic Fest are very proud to present the most hyperdriven twenty-fisted testosterone-injected advance screening event in Alamo history:

R A M B O ! ! !

And we won't just be watching total annihilation...lucky warriors in the audience will do some first-person war-mongering and baby-killing with the brand new official Alamo Drafthouse FLAMETHROWER!! Think we're kidding? You'll be laughing when you're engulfing communist targets in the burning fires of VICTORY.

Yep, World War III officially starts on Tuesday, 9:45 PM at the Alamo Drafthouse Village! And like our great nation The USA, it is TOTALLY FREE!! To attend, visit the event page on Fantastic Fest's Facebook page HERE.

FANTASTIC FEST BADGEHOLDERS CAN RSVP NOW -- NON-BADGEHOLDERS MUST WAIT UNTIL AFTER 5 PM ON JANUARY 18! Also, there's no +1's allowed...each person attending must sign up directly! These are the rules of no-cost celluloid combat.

One man.

One mission.

One million bullets.


Get ready...

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