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James Franco is Allen Ginsberg in HOWL

We’re the only theatre in Austin playing the new James Franco movie!  No, we're not talking about 127 HOURS, although we're thrilled to open that new mega-hit on November 19. It's HOWL, the Allen Ginsberg biopic that recreates the founding moments of the Beat Generation! We're super excited to have an Austin exclusive run of this brilliant movie, and every one of you Franco-philes should be too.

Starting THIS FRIDAY November 12, we'll be having limited showings of the critically acclaimed Beat movie that features "moments of soaring brilliance with an elegant performance by Franco that should redefine his career," according to the Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times.

Surely you've read Allen Ginsberg's HOWL, the formative text in the Beat movement; it's now become as fundamental to the American literary canon as The Great Gatsby, The Grapes of Wrath, or even Twilight. In reaching this level of legitimacy, however, the poem has lost some of its power, its sharp bite and its deeply transgressive nature.

HOWL reverses all of that, taking us back 65 years into the past, when poetry was still square and suits still the normal attire for everyone but the Subterraneans. This film shows the power of a poem to outrage, to enliven and to arouse, to make both writer and reader free of all restraints but terribly aware of the domineering social structures around them. “HOWL does something that sounds simple until you consider how rarely it occurs in films of any kind." writes A.O. Scott of the New York Times, "It takes a familiar, celebrated piece of writing and makes it come alive."

HOWL is a film that is engaging but also challenging. While the film centers on the obscenity trial that called the poem's publication into question in the middle 1950s, HOWL's heart is the poem itself, and the movie spins around from Ginsberg's private moments to the lyrical and rhythmic poem, into the courtroom and back again until the true spirit of the times and the movement can take hold.

Come experience the unique genius of Allen Ginsberg like you've never seen it before. Franco will blow you away with his portrayal of the sensitive and eccentric poet. This may be your only chance to see this wonderful film.

HOWL - Alamo South Lamar Starts Friday November 12. Not to be missed! Advance Tickets Available here


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