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It’s the January 2012 Alamo Guide!

A new year is almost upon us and with it comes a brand new Alamo Guide! Behold, 2012 is lookin' mighty fine already... 

It’s the January 2012 Alamo Guide!

Printed guides hit stores just before Christmas weekend, but you can be the first kid on your block to unwrap and play with the shiny new JANUARAY 2012 ALAMO GUIDE! Why, you can dive in right now, boys and girls, thanks to the magical power of old fashioned imagination high technology!

Enjoy and have the very happiest of holidays! 

- Your pals at the Alamo

(P.S. You'll notice we've switched to a new single-month format. This is in an effort to bring you the most up-to-date programming info possible. We hope you like it. Let us know what'cha think!)

AlamoGuide Jan 2012


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