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It’s summer, set phasers for stunning!

The summer finally starts today with Wolverine and the Alamo kitchen couldn't be more excited to see the big films of the year hit our screens and we are ready with some new grub to satisfy you while enjoying the blockbusters.  There are also feasts and special food events to keep you chewing in your seat.

The summer will kick off with with a special menu featuring, what I believe will be the film of the summer, Star Trek .  Our crack staff of geeks and nerds were able to help us come up with some galactic culinary delights from the federation as well as some fantastic coffees, cocktails and spritzers to enhance your mood and make you fuzzier than a tribble on holiday.
In addition to those we will be featuring the May 15th release of Angels and Demons with some lovely Italian Suppli and a sweet berry trifle confused with angel and devil's food cakes.

We will also be adding on the richly praised Matango mushroom pizza to our regular menu.  This heavenly four cheese pizza with aged manchego, asiago, argentine parmesan and pecorino romano then topped with oyster, shiitakeand portobello gained a rabid following when it was featured as a special for The Watchmen and during SXSW and it is here to stay.

Picards Earl Grey  Tea $2.50

“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot”

Raktajino   $4.50

Klingon coffee beverage made popular in the Federation sometime after 2268.. Benjamin Sisko started every morning off with a raktajino; in fact, he was not awake, much less did he talk to anyone until he had his first cup.

Plomeek Soup  $8.99

Rich carrot-parsnip curry soup with Quadrotriticale (Multi Seeded Vulcan bread) and mixed green salad with sea beans, hearts of palm in a grapefruit vinaigrette.

TOS: "Amok Time" ep 30

In 2267, Nurse Christine Chapel made the mistake of serving it to Spock during his Pon Farr. Spock tossed the bowl at her, causing a public scene. Later, he asked if she would prepare it again for him.

Kirk’s Iowa Ego Booster    $16.99

Flat grilled ten ounce t-bone with caramelized mushroom and shallot, roast corn and Mccoy’s bourbon baked beans

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

During a shore leave-camping trip to Yosemite National Park, in 2287, McCoy warmed up a batch of his famous beans over the campfire. Spock was impressed by their taste, noting that they were "surprisingly good", but that he was not familiar with one of its flavorings. This was revealed to Spock to be the "secret ingredient", which was Tennessee whiskey.

Romulan Ale

Star Trek II: TheWrath of Khan

Admiral James T. Kirk received a bottle of Romulan ale, dated 2283, as

a birthday gift from Doctor Leonard McCoy in 2285

Klingon Blood Wine

ENT:"Judgment" ep 45

The first Human known to consume the beverage was Jonathan Archer, while he awaited the verdict of his trial on Narendra III.

Look for all of this to hit your tables starting this Monday, May fourth.  Tickets are already on sale for opening night of Star Trek May 7th.

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