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It’s a recession right, how about a free $100?

Austin has been dubbed the live music capitol of the world.  Should we not then de facto be the virtual live music capitol of the world as well?  We've been sending Austin Champions to the United States Air Guitar Championships for the past four years and so far have come up dry.  This year, I want Austin to take it all the way and come back to our city with not only a national championship but also the world air guitar title from Oulo Finland.

The first step of any championship run is always the hardest, and that step begins on Wednsday night at the Ritz.  Preliminary Round 2 of the Austin Air Guitar Championships are happening and you, reading this here and now, could be our chosen one.

Do you play guitar, great! come on down and show us some pro-grade licks.  Never picked up a guitar, but are a big fan of improv and mime?  Hell yeah, you could be the one.  Had a few cocktails and are ready to get stupid, well that's exactly what we're looking for.  Compete!  We'll give you a couple of drinks just for trying, and the winner of tomorrow's preliminary round will walk home with a crisp new $100 bill.  The top three competitors will all be invited to the Austin Championship later this year, and the winner of that bout will be flown to the US championships to duke it out with the rest of the nation's elite air-theletes.

To compete, please come to the Ritz armed with a 60 second blistering guitar track on CD or MP3  (or we can download any song you need on site).  Find out more information at the Alamo website or join the Austin Air Guitar group on Facebook.

$100 bucks.  Easy money!  We'll see you there, champ.

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