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It’s a Feast. It’s a Benefit. It’s the GROUNDHOG DAY BENE-FEAST!

Next Wednesday, January 30th at the Alamo South Lamar, celebrate over-sized agoraphobic rodents and the prospect of an early Spring with one of the greatest comedies of all time and a scrumptious five course feast served up by Alamo super-chef John Bullington!

And the icing on top of it all is that proceeds from the show will help support the Austin Family Institute!

Eat, drink, laugh...and help out Austin families all at the same time!

You won't be served the same dish over and over again...but you're close. Each of the five courses will be created using the same five ingredients- Pork, Squash, Basil, Rice and Cheese.

Sound boring? Far from it! Look what Chef John has come up with…


Rice flour ravioli stuffed with basil-pork sausage and pumpkin in a cave-aged gruyere sauce


Suppli- a fried nugget of Parmesan risotto swimming in butternut squash soup with prosciutto and basil oil


Spaghetti squash marinated in basil resting on a sushi cake topped braised pork and manchego


Burgundy-honey glazed pork tenderloin with gorgonzola and wild rice alongside basil smoked grey hubbard squash

V (dessert)

Acorn squash-mascarpone cheesecake in a puffed basmati crust topped with chocolate covered bacon and candied basil

Also included will be the perfect wine pairing for each course- all from the same region and vintage! WOWIE-ZOWIE!

Bill Murray pulls off one of the greatest comedic performances of all time in this film. John Bullington has created one of the most mouth-watering menus of all time for this film. Put the two together, help out a few Austin families in the meantime, and you've got one incredible evening.

For tickets and info, click here!

(Note: We are aware that January 30th is not Groundhog Day. We just didn't want that little marmot to come out, see its shadow and rain on our parade.)

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