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And So It Begins! - A South Lamar Update

The Alamo Drafthouse has officially begun work on the inside of the new South Lamar theater/Highball.

And So It Begins! - A South Lamar Update

Last week the shell of the new South Lamar theater building officially became the Alamo Drafthouse’s responsibility to finish up. While the activity inside wasn’t exactly what we could term “bustling” when I visited, there was plenty going on.

The first steps are being taken though, and here you can see that work on the plumbing for the Highball has started.

Also, insulation and sheetrock installation on the lobby wall above the entrance has been going on.

Inside the theaters, metal studs are being affixed to the walls. Some of the theaters are more completed than others. But using the larger theater as an example (shot below), and considering that work had just begun in here just a few days before the photo was taken, it seems this process is somewhat quick.

Also while I was there, the folks who are ultimately responsible for how this new space is going to look were at the site to discuss the plans. In the image above (from left to right) is Alamo Drafthouse Project Manager Daniel Osborne, architects Laura Salmo and Richard Weiss of Weiss Architecture, Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League, and muralist Heyd Fontenot

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