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Is ENTER THE VOID the best film of the year? Watch the director’s cut before you decide.

ENTER THE VOID - Sunday January 2 at 9:50pm and Saturday January 8 at 3:00pm @Ritz

Gaspar Noé's ENTER THE VOID is certainly one of the most talked about and controversial films of the year. Its nearly three-hour running time and unconventional storytelling style leaves most audiences either hallucinating or just deeply mystified. But while the film is daringly perplexing, ENTER THE VOID is also stunning. "A hyper-poetic head trip of degradation and rebirth," writes Boston Globe critic Ty Burr, the film is "most assuredly not for pregnant women, the seizure-prone, or the faint of heart."

We were lucky enough to host the film twice already, once when it played at SXSW in March and again at Fantastic Fest in September. Since then, the film has been playing around the country in an edited version, with a full 20 minutes missing. That wouldn't do for us. But when IFC talked about striking a Brand new 35mm Print of the Uncut Version, we had to jump at the chance. For two Austin-exclusive shows, we're showing the uncut, uncensored, complete version of ENTER THE VOID at the Ritz.

If you don't know about the film yet, allow Robert Abele in the Los Angeles Times explain it to you: "Using three distinct point-of-view visual styles and a riot of color, effects and sound, Noé orchestrates the final mortal and metaphysical passage of an American dope dealer named Oscar (Nathaniel Brown), who lives in a seedy district of Tokyo. For the first half-hour, we see what Oscar sees (including the occasional image flicker to represent blinking eyes): the day-glo cityscape outside his dark, messy apartment; his sister Linda (Paz de la Huerta) leaving for her degrading stripper job; and, most notably, the pulsating, phosphorescent shapes from a powerful hallucinogen Oscar takes."

The resulting film is an experience, one that is completely immersive. You will be in a Tokyo rave nightmare, in a delirium along with Oscar and Linda as they get lost in the neon abyss. Just as in Noé's previous sensation IRREVERSIBLE, here you'll see a combination of high art cinema and transgressive elements. "A mash-up of the sacred, the profane, and the brain-dead," writes Korina Longworth in the Village Voice, "ENTER THE VOID is addictive."

This is a visual masterpiece, a piece of cinema that looks like nothing you've ever seen before. And it absolutely HAS to be seen on the big screen, in 35mm, in an auditorium full of bursting synapses. Do not miss your only chance to see the complete, uncut, uncensored version of this year's controversial, mind-bending, art house milestone!

ENTER THE VOID - Sunday January 2 at 9:50pm and Saturday January 8 at 3:00pm @Ritz

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