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IRON MAN Sneak Preview - Jet Pack Guy video

I didn't have a seat in last night's sneak peek of IRON MAN at South Lamar, but after hearing everyone talk about how incredibly awesome the film is I'm even more psyched to go see it with some scotch this weekend at the Ritz. But even though I decided to save my IRON MAN viewing experience for the full Tony Stark treatment with the whiskey sours and scotch flights, I still managed to make it out for the Jet Pack Guy's (incredibly short but still) awesome performance. In case you weren't there, or if you just need to live it again, I put together a quickie video of the fun:

Also, I know the hiss comes off as a bit loud in the video, but you should have heard it live. If you came out to see the jet pack guy and didn't put in the ear plugs we provided you, all the Dolby digital in the world couldn't have been turned up loud enough for your massacred ears to still hear the dialog during the film. The jet pack was very, very loud. And I really, really want to fly one for myself. If any of you find a good deal on jet packs on Ebay or something, I'll totally go in on it with you.

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