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Iron Man Henri on KXAN

For the past couple of months or so, Laney Valian and the good people over at KXAN have been foolish enough to invite me on to their Friday noon newscast to talk about the weekend's movies. I posted a video of an appearance on there last month, when I brought John Erler with me and he taught us all how to make an E.T. mask while we talked about that Master Pancake show. This afternoon, I wore an Iron Man costume I'd rented from Lucy In Disguise, then proceeded to talk about how excited I'm not for MADE OF HONOR. But all Chris Willis wanted to talk about were my socks. Check it out, if you dare:

And Chris, if you're reading this - one day I'm actually going to post all the things you say after the cameras stop rolling. How come you'll talk about how good my butt looks in the costume off the air, but on the official record you're too shy? Hmm??

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