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Iron Man Happy Hour at the Ritz!

I'm still riding a cinematic high after seeing the sneak preview of IRON MAN at the Alamo last night. I can attest that this movie is nothing short of brilliant. IRON MAN is one of the all-time greatest comic adaptations, and the lynchpin of that perfection is Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. His portrayal of the booze-addled genius tycoon Tony Stark is spot-on, and the number of cocktails in the first 15 minutes of the film will make your head woozy from the contact high.

Because this film issues in the summer blockbuster season with a cocktail firmly in hand, we feel that it is appropriate to announce our programming decision to provide "happy hour" shows for summer blockbusters at the Ritz. We're adjusting our showtimes, starting with IRON MAN to include a screening at about 5:40 PM. Swing by the Ritz after work and enjoy discount admission to the movie as well as $3.99 Frozen Margaritas and $2 Tecate and Lone Star plus a rotating menu of movie-themed cocktail specials. For Iron Man, we'll feature a premium Glenmorangie Scotch tasting flight, a Whiskey Sour special (Stark's comic book drink of choice) and Scotch on the rocks (his cinematic cocktail of choice). Up next on the horizon, happy hour with SEX AND THE CITY, and yes their signature pink Cosmos will be on special.

The Alamo Ritz - we're your new happy hour bar!

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