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IRON MAN 2 blew us away!

1533-iron_man_regIf you are relatively aware of the internet in any way, shape, or form, you've probably heard by now about all the excitement that went on last night. If, however, you are not on the Twitter, the Facebook or what-have-you, here's the situation: We had a sneak screening of IRON MAN 2 Tuesday night, courtesy of Paramount Pictures. The real surprise though, was that JON FAVREAU and ROBERT DOWNEY JR. popped in to say whattup! This is one of those events (like last years Star Trek secret premiere) where all this guest hubbub was super secret (and boy can Tim League and Harry Knowles keep a secret!).

The screening started as expected, Harry mentioned that they had a special video introduction, Favreau and Downey Jr. mocked each other on screen, said they could have been there, but they just chose not too, oh, EXCEPT THEY WERE THERE ANYWAY! Watch the video below for the full excitement factor (well, as full as it can be without actually being there*).

For those of you that were not lucky enough to attend**, you'll be happy to know that the reaction to the film was amazing! Everyone walking out of the theater was raving about it! As they all followed Favreau over to The Highball for cocktails and dancing (courtesy of DJ Jon Favreau... seriously...), phrases of "the best Tuesday EVER" and "Oh my God AWESOME!" were being uttered.

Thanks to all that could join us***, and to those that couldn't, fret not! Sure, RDJ probably won't be at another screening (he's a very busy man, that Tony Stark) but we do have great things in store! First of all, there's the IRON MAN DOUBLE FEATURE on Thursday, May 6 at the Village! That's the original piece of gold followed by the newer, shinier gold! At the Ritz, we'll have Iron Man-themed cocktails on the menu, including delicious whiskeys! These tickets are on sale now!

Oh, and check out this amazing TYLER STOUT poster! How badass is that?!

To make sure you never miss out on excitement again (really, we can't guarantee that - the power is in your hands), follow us on Twitter and "Like" (or "Fan"... stupid Facebook...) us on Facebook! We'll do our best to keep you informed.

Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. at the Alamo Drafthouse from DG on Vimeo.


* I did not get to experience this "full excitement"

** I was not lucky enough to attend :(

*** I am incredibly jealous of all those that got to see Robert Downey Jr. with their own two eyes... I also missed Star Trek last summer... I'm really bad at sensing when epic things are afoot... I really should figure out Tim's email password...


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