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The Alamo Drafthouse Menu Comes to Littleton

Chef Seth Rexroad Brings The Alamo Drafthouse Menu to Littleton

The Alamo Drafthouse Menu Comes to Littleton

When you take a seat at the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton, you will notice a pad of paper with a small pen at the end of your table and a menu stealthy hidden in a slot underneath. As you pull the menu out and prepare to notify your server of whatever delight your pallet currently savors, you may notice that this is no ordinary menu design and that the food and drinks within are anything but standard movie theater fare.

R&D Chef Jason Donoho had a clear initiative in mind when creating the menu: “I wanted to create a menu that was fresh and approachable while staying true to our concept of ensuring that every guest has a great time and is excited to come back.  I've chosen to focus on fresh, clean flavors that our guests can enjoy anytime, whether it's a cheese plate with a glass of wine, or a pizza and a draft beer, or a hatch green chili burger and an Irish coffee shake."

An equal amount of effort went into the design of the menu. "The new menu communicates the passion, personality, and do-it-yourself spirit of the Alamo Drafthouse," says Art Director and Film Programmer Joe Ziemba. "It follows the aesthetic of underground film 'zines by utilizing vintage promotional materials and hand-drawn design elements.

Littleton Chef, Seth Rexroad, pictured above, is ready to give Colorado movie fans a taste of the Alamo as he readies for our opening on March 25th.

Seth wants folks to know that: “The menu at the Alamo Drafthouse is full of variety.  We offer an array of burgers, pizzas, salads, wraps, as well as numerous snacks and treats.  All of our menu items are made to order with fresh ingredients. Some of my personal favorites include the Mushroom Pizza, The Green Chile Burger, The Greek Salad and our Queso Fries. 

"Our queso and salsa is to die for, and it's my go-to item when watching a movie.  We also offer candy, popcorn and other snacks, including Spinach Artichoke Dip, White Bean Hummus, and our "Hot or Really Hot Wings."  We also offer gluten-free options and many things on our menu are flavorful and healthy.

"For a guy like me whose passions include movies, food and beer, I'm in heaven every day doing what I love to do for a living.  We have a state-of-the-art kitchen that was specifically built to bring our customers the best possible product and experience that exceeds any theater that I have ever been to."

To see our full menu CLICK HERE


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