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Introducing South Lamar’s Badass Tap


I don't mind admitting it - I'm a beer nerd, and for some time I've been itching to have one tap at Lamar that features a rotating range of premium beers. My dream has finally been fulfilled and we're calling it The Badass Tap. Well, we are The Badass Cinema, right?

This isn't going to be a tap for beers that are just pretty good, this is a tap for rare, one-off, and aged beers, plus the occasional seasonal beer that we hold back and tap when you're least expecting it. They won't be cheap and they won't be plentiful, they might not always be to your taste, but by Jove they'll be good.

Our first official Badass release (following the incredibly successful 512 Whiskey Barrel Porter from a few weeks ago that pretty much kicked the whole thing into play) is Avery duganA Double IPA - a hop bomb that's not for the feint of heart. The brewmasters at Avery have combined caramel malts with Chinook, Centennial and Columbus hops to produce a beer that has a piney, resinous flavour with floral and citrus notes, a full body and a dry, bitter finish. No, really bitter. I mean, 93 IBUs-worth of bitter, plus a hefty 8.5%ABV.

The next Badass Beer is already in the walk-in and ready to be tapped as soon as the duganA is drained. Each new keg will be announced here on the Drafthouse blog, as well as on the Drafthouse Twitter feed and on a board in the lobby.

- Jim Hughes, Alamo South Lamar


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