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Intern at the Alamo Creative Department!

We're accepting resumes! 

Intern at the Alamo Creative Department!

There is an awful lot of behind the scenes magic that happens at the Alamo Creative Department offices and we are ready for some design and video help to keep it all going smoooooothly (read: editing Hecklevision trailers, making Spike Lee preshows, photoshopping funny heads onto funny bodies and so on.) 

We are now accepting applications for internships for the fall! We're currently seeking qualified individuals with experience in either video production/editing and/or graphic design who are looking to put a great experience on their resume while helping to put their own small stamp on one of Austin's most iconic institutions.

Interns will work under close supervision of the Creative Department, primarily our graphic designer and video editors.  Tasks will include creating graphics, online content, on-screen content and more. Creativity is a MUST. We enjoy hanging with college students, and the internship can be in conjunction with earning college credit, but that is not a prerequisite. The program requires 10-15 hours per week.

There are many perks, including employee-style discounts at the movies and on our menu! 

If you're interested, please submit a resume to John Gross at [email protected] by Friday, September 14th. It'll be silly-fun a rewarding and enriching experience!



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