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Intergalactic Nemesis puts the action in live-action-graphic-novel

If you didn't happen upon performances of selected chapters of THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS before screenings at South Lamar, let me clue you in to all the hub-bub.  THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS is a graphic novel serial performed LIVE.  Three actors perform dozens of characters.  One Foley artist creates hundreds of sounds.  One keyboardist plays thousands of notes.  All while more than 1000 hand-drawn full-color high-resolution mind-blowing multiply-hyphenated comic-book images blast from the screen.

For those of you still having problems wrapping your head around such a novel concept, take a second to check out Episode 1, Part 1 here on Youtube.....pretty cool, huh?

"When a Pulitzer-winning reporter and her intrepid assistant stumble across a mysterious map, they uncover what might just be the story of the century: an invasion of sludge-monsters from the planet Zygon. With the help of a librarian from Flagstaff AZ, our heroes race against time to defeat Mysterion the Magnificent and his minions before they destroy Earth forever."

In preparation for their premiere performance at the Long Center on September 3rd, we are excited to present sneak previews at the Drafthouse this weekend.

Get your advance tickets for the following shows:

Saturday August 28th at the Alamo South Lamar

Sunday August 29th at the Alamo Lake Creek

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