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Indie food and indie beer unite with LOST IN TRANSLATION feast

On October 6, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema — Mason Oaks will host a classic combination of food, film and beer with the latest in our Independent Movie, Independent Beer feast series. We're teaming up with No Label Brewery for a LOST IN TRANSLATION feast and you can reserve your tickets today.

Indie food and indie beer unite with LOST IN TRANSLATION feast

Who doesn’t love Bill Murray? You can’t be a fan of film and not appreciate the unique comedy stylings of the man who helped bring the world GHOSTBUSTERS and CADDYSHACK. Here’s the thing, though. Bill Murray has shown in recent years that he’s much more than a caustic joke or a funny voice. With films like RUSHMORE and BROKEN FLOWERS, Murray has proven himself to be an amazing actor in any genre he wishes to dip his toe into.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce that at 7 PM on October 6 we will be screening the film LOST IN TRANSLATION as part of our INDEPENDENT MOVIE, INDPENDENT BEER feast series with No Label Brewery.

For those who have not yet seen Sofia Coppola’s indie masterpiece, Murray stars as an aging actor who meets a recent college grad played by Scarlett Johansson. As the two bond over their mutual alienation and loneliness, they share a night in Tokyo in a story that blends comedy, romance and the sweetest of drama. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor for Murray and Best Director for Sofia Coppola. Coppola won an award for Best Original Screenplay.

You can reserve your feast ticket today for $5 (the remaining portion of the total cost of $50 will be paid the night of the feast). During the four-course meal, you will be served a selection of traditional Japanese dishes — each complimented from a tasty indie beer from No Label Brewery.

The first course is a shitake miso with “Suntori Time” smoked chicken. This traditional Japanese starter is made with kombo and bonito flakes and — to give it an Alamo spin — we’re smoking the chicken with whiskey scented wood chips. The course will be complimented by a glass of No Label Ridgeback.

The second course is Chili-Ponzu Yellowtail. This sushi grade yellowtail is scented with a Japanese citron sauce surrounded by ribbons of daikon radish, garnished with cilantro and jalapenos. The course will be complimented by a glass of No Label Pale Horse.

For the third course, we’re serving soy and ginger marinated pork belly with cheddar grits and a “rising sun” fried egg. This slow roasted and lightly fried pork belly is served with mild cheddar grits and a honey-sriarcha reduction. In other words, it’s sure to help ease your mind of all the karaoke you did the night before. The course is served with a glass of No Label El-Hefe.

For the fourth course, we’re serving green tea and chocolate cheesecake. This will be a lighter version of the cheesecake most are familiar with — served with softly whipped cream and green tea, keeping in theme with the menu and movie. The course will be complimented by a glass of No Label’s Black Wit.

Don’t miss out on this incredible paring of food, drink and a film and stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the heads up about all our latest plans for future feasts at the Houston-area Alamo Drafthouses. 

Thursday, October 6 @ 7 PM — Mason Park


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