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Important Update About Tonight’s Fantastic Debates

The Fantastic Debates were oversold due to a technical glitch. We're really sorry.

Important Update About Tonight’s Fantastic Debates

UPDATE: Midnight screenings of A LONELY PLACE TO DIE and TWO EYES STARING have been added for those who can't get into the debates.

Hi everyone,

Due to a technical glitch that's every bit as frustrating for us as it is for you, we unfortunately passed out more boarding pass tickets to the Fantastic Debates this evening than we have room for in the venue. The boxing gym itself can't hold more than 150 guests, and so if your boarding number is 151 or higher we regret to inform you that we can't get you into the Debates.

We're currently working on a couple of different options to help you continue your festival experience at midnight if you can't get into that event. We can't guarantee that it'll work, but we have one team putting together a method of live streaming  the video footage to the TVs in the lobby at South Lamar and, if it's successful, to the screen at the Highball. Technology treating us as it has been today, of course, we can't really guarantee that those efforts will work. We are also going to open up two more screens of midnight films, and we'll be tweeting out what those available titles are for you as soon as we have the screenings confirmed. All badge holders will be welcome to try to catch the live stream on our screens or add those other midnight films to your schedule for the day. And if nothing else, we'll get down at The Highball with an Action Pack-ed dance party!

Again, we're very sorry to change your plans at the last minute like this. The Debates will be filmed, however, and we'll have a complete video blog up on our website tomorrow afternoon so you'll be able to catch all the highlights there. We're also already making plans to hold Tim League's funeral service tomorrow morning at a venue large enough to hold both mourners of Mr. League and fans of James McDonagh who want to continue to celebrate his victory.

Henri Mazza
Chief Creative Officer
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema


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