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I’m note Alone - Hostel 2 is awesome…

I just read the Austin Chronicle review of Hostel: Part II and I'm happy to report that I'm not alone in my fondness for the movie. It's definitely his best film to date. I'll give you a little excerpt from the Chronicle review:

"Director Roth has accomplished the near impossible with Hostel: Part II: He's crafted a vastly superior sequel to a film already considered something of a classic by genre aficionados, one that supersedes its predecessor's sadistic entertainment quotient by orders of magnitude while also upstaging its own outrageous gore effects with a script that's smart, vicious, and occasionally, gleefully subversive. Hostel: Part II will kick your ass, blow your mind, and then mount you with a rusty, barbed-wire strap-on, and to hell with the Astroglide." - Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle (Click here for the full review)

Damn straight. I left the movie feeling supercharged. Eli is maturing as a filmmaker with every film, every stride. Hostel: Part II was truly beautiful (albeit beautiful in it's graphic violence...) and if you aren't completely blown away by the mood, look, feel, and cinematography of the first death in the suite of Mrs. Bathory, then you probably just need to give up on movies and stick to books.

Fans of horror movies new and old need to check out this film. Eli truly is the new heir to the throne of American horror.

If you don't mind a few spoilers in your life, you can also check out Harry Knowles' analysis of the film.

For those who want to see Eli get a taste of his own medicine, check out our blog post with photos and video of him getting flogged by Austin's own "Trouble Squad" at the Ain't It Cool News sneak preview.

Hostel: Part II opens at the Village today, Friday, June 8. Tickets are available online.

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