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I Thought Love Was Forever…

In more fun BORAT-related news, now everyone's favorite Kazakhstani journalist is apparently being blamed not just for making drunk frat guys look like... well, look like drunk frat guys, but he's also a no-good homewrecker.

This picture just wrecked my home, too.

Apparently Kid Rock was too busy getting married to Pamela Anderson over and over and over and over again to actually get a chance to go out and see her role in her newest film. When he saw it, he got pissed. I mean, he got mad. Chances are he was piss drunk already.

The first time Kid Rock tried to get drunk and trash a hotel room he only managed to do the first part before he passed out.

According to a source for Page 6, when the Universal studio chief held a private screening of BORAT in his Beverly Hills home, Kid Rock blew up at Pam in front of everyone, screaming, "You're nothing but a whore! You're a slut! How could you do that movie?"Somehow the source didn't say anything about what happened immediately after Rock's outburst, when every single person looked at him in shocked silence before one lone voice meekly said, "Um... Kid? Yeah, you were in a sex tape with that Scott Stapp guy from Creed. Do you really want to question people's behavior in movies?"

Our main question is: what is that girl behind Kid doing to his back and why doesn't his shirt fit? Actually, our main main quesiton is: how can anyone find that guy attractive?

Oddly enough, that meek voice at the Borat screening was Dustin Diamond.

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