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Hustling Hammers + TICKET GIVEAWAY

Construction update at Aspen Grove location with a ticket giveaway!

Hustling Hammers + TICKET GIVEAWAY

The construction team is really hustling hammers to pound out Littleton's newest cinematic work of art, The Alamo at Aspen Grove. We have come a long way since demolishing old buildings, digging dirt, and laying concrete. As you will see in the video, the exterior is being dressed, stadium seating being built and sound proofing installed.  Additionally you will see through the maze (hint) of steel and wiring our upstairs kitchen taking shape and our state of the art climate control system positioned for patron comfort.  Not to mention the tap runs being built in to carry crazy amounts of Colorado's finest micro brew to your chilly glass.

This is also the second installment of Guess Which Movie the Song Comes from Construction Montage. The first person to the 1) name the movie (using no silly apps that figure it out for you)  2) name who directed it and 3) describe in one word "why it's cool" (guess that means you had to see it) wins two tickets to a film of choice when we open! Post your guess here.That person also wins 4 tickets to a special event later this week. If you can't make it to Boulder for that special event, you can gift the tickets to another Facebook fan who would like to go.




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