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Curry or Crepes? Why not Both! - THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY FEAST

Chef Trish reveals the menu for THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY Feast and it’s sure to delight the senses!

Curry or Crepes? Why not Both! - THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY FEAST

In today’s society, there are few things as popular as the modern food culture. Everyone is a foodie and everyone is a critic. Even the most mundane food items can be deconstructed, reconstructed, reimagined, and turned inside out. Food is even compressed to become a dish that warrants tweezers for final assembly. Foams, soils, gelées and gastriques, have replaced gravy and sauce. Food has been elevated to a level that, at times, can be intimidating and unapproachable.

In THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY, old meets new and classic meets adventure… in food that is. Two restaurants/chefs, one Indian the other French, struggle to understand one another and communicate through the food they create. The young Indian chef brings fresh ideas, but is met with resistance from the stodgy French chef who doesn’t believe there is a place for flare in the kitchen. I can appreciate both sides of this. I spent my formative years at a restaurant that focused on classic French technique, but I do like pushing the limits of the classic dishes.

I have been excited about this movie ever since I watched the trailer.  Although I haven’t seen the movie yet, the premise inspired what I think will be a strong and deliciously enjoyable menu. The approach I used to write the menu was to have both Indian and French influence in each course. It’s classic with a twist. I hope that you think it sounds as good as I feel about it. You can get tickets to THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY FEAST here


Nicoise Salad
Coriander Crusted Tuna, Haricot Vert, Spiced Deviled Egg, Anchovy, Olive, Curry Leaf Vinaigrette

Saag Goat Cheese Crepe
Garam Masala Spiced Spinach and Texas Goat Cheese

Vegetable Vindaloo
Farm Vegetables on Basmati, Mint Raita

Mango -Fleur de Sel Lassi & Pistachio Tuile


Looking forward to seeing you there, 

Chef Trish Eichelberger


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